Naval Architect

I have had the pleasure of working with Lloyd on a number of projects, from the small custom race boats to larger luxury sailing catamarans. It was great to work with someone whom would not cut corners and remained professional throughout all processes be they repairs, full construction or just project assessment. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with Lloyd again at some time in the future.

Yours faithfully, Daniel J. Goldsmith BEng (Hons)
AMRINA Director/Naval Architect


Fibreglass UK ltd.

I have worked with Lloyd Stebbings former owner/MD of Dateline marine on many projects over the years such as Lift shaft liners, off-shore powerboats, fast fishing boats, pilot boat repairs to name but a very few. I have always found him to be a honest, trustworthy and his work to be of a very high standard, his love of powered boats is second none, ask his Wife !

Richard Hayward.

Owner/ MD Fibreglass UK ltd.



Dateline marine/Lloyd Stebbings/Pevensey Bay Marine were invaluable to the completion of our project on time. They advised an appropriate construction technique, produced an accurate mould from issued CAD drawings and then produced a high quality finish on the final components. I would definitely recommend their capabilities to anyone else requiring a high quality marine component or repair.

Dan Hook CEng, MRINA. Managing Director of ASV Ltd (www.asvglobal.com)


”Quality without compromise.”

When you are crashing from wave to wave you need to know the work that has just been done on your craft is not going to let you down, after all your life could depend on it.

I was able to see the work at different stages of repair and was astonished by the amount of work that goes into just the preparation alone. It was easy to see where short cuts could have been made, but despite being hassled by me every couple of days Lloyd would not compromise on his workmanship or the materials he used. The quality of work was absolutely exceptional, the boat felt more ridged and stable than ever before. I know without doubt Lloyds work contributed to Stella & I winning the Championship that year.

Paul Charman Team Alan Day Honda