Sailing Boat Repairs


MARCH 2017

WP_20170307_09_21_04_Pro[2]  WP_20170307_11_32_12_Pro[1]  WP_20170307_14_05_17_Pro[1]

Split deck on this dinghy and a few other repairs were carried out by us in early March 2017.

Laser number 2.

September 2017

hull laser WP_20170904_13_35_42_Pro[1] WP_20170905_09_25_32_Pro[1] WP_20170905_12_59_08_Pro[1]

This Laser had a large fist size hole in the Hull having been hit by a rowing skiff.

There is a slight colour difference due to the sun’s effect on the hull.

 Yet Another Laser 11/10/17

WP_20171005_14_43_18_Pro[1]   WP_20171005_14_58_08_Pro[1]

This Laser had a very bad split at the bottom of the Mast step so a new one was made from A4 Stainless and the old one cut out.  The new one was bonded into the resess in the bottom of the hull with P.U. addesive and also the deck plate was screwed onto the P.U.